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A two-night, four-hour look into Janet Jackson‘s life and career is arriving this month. A&E and Lifetime announced

Jan 23, 2022 10:36 pm    Views: 224

Janet Jackson documentary sets premiere date

A two-night, four-hour look into Janet Jackson‘s life and career is arriving this month. A&E and Lifetime announced a premiere date for the first part of Janet, the pop star’s upcoming documentary, along with a new, extended trailer released on Jan. 1. Part one of Janet will air on January 28.

“It’s just something that needs to be done,” Jackson says of the project in the three-plus minute clip that debuted via social media on New Year’s Day.

Janet includes exclusive archival footage, home videos and celebrity interviews — with stars like Missy Elliott, Whoopi Goldberg, Mariah Carey and Ciara, who are all seen talking about the icon in the new trailer.

The sneak peek shows Jackson looking back at her childhood and early days as a performer — “There were times when I just didn’t understand where I actually fit in,” she says — and features footage of her as a mother.

The trailer for the career-spanning documentary touches upon Jackson’s personal and professional life, from her relationship with her late father Joe and brother Michael to a moment where her team was approached by Justin Timberlake “about doing the Super Bowl,” which Timberlake was headlining in 2018. At the time, Jackson had taken to social media to shut down rumors that they’d be reuniting on the halftime show stage.


“They build you up, and then once you get there, they’re so quick to tear you down,” her voice narrates, just before a headline is shown about the fallout for Jackson after their controversial 2004 Super Bowl performance that briefly exposed her breast.

Directed by Ben Hirsh and co-produced by Workerbee and Associated Entertainment Corporation, the project has Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson credited as executive producers. Rick Murray is also credited as executive producer for Workerbee, and Brie Miranda Bryant is credited as executive producer for A+E Networks.

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Over 150 under CID radar

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers have so far identified a group of around 150 people involved in breaking into

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NCPA cautions against child presence during street protests

NCPA Chairman Udayakumara Amarasinghe said it has drawn special attention to the children’s participation in public protests

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Utmost caution about my security - AKD

He said this in response to questions being raised in Parliament yesterday regarding an unidentified person wearing a helmet

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Rajaputra Media to nurture the art scene

Turning another page in the Rajaputra organization, its head Sajeev Rajaputra and its Managing Director Dimuthu Rajaputra recently

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‘Mona Lisa’ on the silver screen

‘Mona Lisa’ directed by Eranga Senaratne and produced by Nishantha Galhena and Champika de Silva on behalf of YAYU Entertainment

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Show You Care for What You Wear with LG TrueSteam!

From eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful allergens to smoothing out 30% more wrinkles from your clothes, the ultimate

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UAE-based company to supply 1.8 million barrels of petrol to Sri Lanka

The Cabinet of Ministers has given the go-ahead to award a long-term contract to UAE-based OQ Trading Limited for the importation

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Underpant Thief fascinates masses

Out of many of the hard-hit industries across the world amid the coronavirus, cinema dominates as it is used to gathering a crowd

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Police seek public assistance to arrest drug traffickers

It is emphasized to the public that information supplied will be kept strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any external party.

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Janet Jackson documentary sets premiere date

A two-night, four-hour look into Janet Jackson‘s life and career is arriving this month. A&E and Lifetime announced

Views: 224    Jan 23, 2022     

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